The Ballroom at Bayou Place

500 Texas St Houston TX



As guests arrive they will immediately be entering the Fenyx world. With beautiful butterflies that greet you upon entering, a unicyclist pedaling through the crowd, and a monarch on stilts, there are plenty of super cool photo ops right from the beginning! We highly encourage you to take a picture with our crew!

Need a drink before the show starts? No problem! With a fully stocked bar, you can order whatever youd like! During intermission we encourage you to get up and mingle and visit the restroom or the bar..or both of course!


Houston has such a cool circus scene and we now have a platform for these artists to perform in. You should come because it's not JUST a cool variety show. It's supporting the talent that has decided to call Houston home. Its supporting a local venue. It is providing inspiration to kids and jobs for our future performers as well as current! But mainly, you should come so you can laugh, be in awe, and immerse yourself in the experience that The Fenyx Show provides! You MIGHT just become part of the show too!


This is a family friendly show! While it is not geared specificaly to kids, it is absolutely kid friendly! So bring your littles or your bigs and join us!


Wondering what you might witness? Well you may see birds in a cube, girls on bungees, trapeze acts, contortionists bending but not breaking, dancers bringing high energy and fun to the stage, and literal MAGIC happening!


Our diverse cast is from all different backgrounds. Some gymnasts, professional dancers, aerialits from around the world, professional circus acts, and of course the Masters of Ceremony who will keep you entertained and keep the magic alive!